POCO X2 has a unique look but it won’t appeal to everyone however it has pretty good color options. In terms of dimensions and weight, this is a big bulky phone and you definitely feel its presence, however, it has really good build quality and feels solid and premium in the hand. For protection, you get Gorilla Glass 5 on both front and back and P2i nano-coating to make it splash resistant. The display on this phone is definitely one of its strong points, it’s a massive 6.67″ display with a best-in-class 120 Hertz refresh rate even though it’s an IPS LCD panel, it produces excellent colors and deep blacks and it gets really bright as well it supports HDR 10 and also has Widevine L1certification for HD playback in Netflix and other apps.
  POCO X2 has a single bottom-firing speaker but it’s actually quite good it gets loud and I also like its sound quality a 3.5 mm audio jack is also here and the sound quality is decent but nothing special. The earpiece is also good and can be heard even in a noisy environment. The camera setup on this phone is pretty impressive especially the primary camera it’s using the SonyIMX 686 64 megapixel image sensor which is one of the best, other cameras include an ultra-wide macro and depth sensor on the front you get dual cameras but the second camera is of no use, as it’s a basic depth sensor in terms of image quality the cameras produce pretty good shots in good lighting. The detail level edge to edge sharpness and color reproduction all excellent however I am not very impressed with the dynamic range specially compared to the likes of Realme X2, the same problem exists even with the ultra-wide-angle lens the macro lens lets you get really close to the subject but the image quality is strictly ok. The selfie camera produces good skin tones and the edge detection is also impressive but there is no HDR in portrait mode coming to low-light the night mode here performs much better than the Realme X2 but it’s still not very impressive on its own, however, Gcam comes to the rescue with these absolutely stunning night shots. It also does a much better job with portrait and low-light selfies so if you buy this phone.
  Jumping to the video Department this phone can record 4k 30fps videos with EIS which is very impressive the ultra-wide-angle camera can also record videos but up to 1080p 30fps in terms of focusing speed this phone is doing a really good job here is the front camera video sample at 1080p 30fps, it’s good but nothing special but as an overall camera package, this phone is really good especially with Gcam coming to the spec sheet this phone is powered by Snapdragon 730G which is a very capable and efficient matter in the chip. Here’s how this phone performs in synthetic benchmarks the results look promising in terms of gaming again this phone does a really good job most games run at high graphics settings the phone does get a bit warm after extended gameplay sessions but nothing out of the ordinary, however, I feel 120 Hertz is a bit too much for the 730G chip to handle as I do notice some stuttering from time to time while navigating through the UI in terms of RAM management the 8gb onboard ram does a great job at keeping almost all apps and games and memory in my RAM management test so overall this phone is one of the best in its price segment in terms of performance. 
POCO X2 is running MIUI11 based on Android 10 it’s quite a feature-packed Android skin though Android purists won’t like it much you get useful features like one-hand mode dual apps app lock second space game turbo scrollable screenshots and screen recording as well as a lot of customization with themes and font sunlike Redmi phones in its price range this phone doesn’t display ads which is good but some system apps spam your notifications which is quite irritating this phone packs in a pretty big battery with 4,500 mAh capacity. I tested this battery at 120 Hertz and 60% brightness and I am quite impressed with the result even at120 Hertz you can expect seven to eight hours of screen on time while the battery lasts an entire day at 60 Hertz you should be able to get around 9 to 10 hours of screen on time easily which is great in terms of charging this massive battery you get a 27-watt charger in the box which charges the phone from 0 to 100% in just a little over 1 hr. Again super impressive for biometric authentication you get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which is extremely fast and accurate the face unlock is also lightning fast but less secure. You also get an IR blaster making your phone a universal remote to control all your appliances. POCO X2 has a hybrid SIM tray slot so you can either have two Sims or one sim and one micro SD card. In terms of connectivity and sensors, nothing is missing here at least for its price segment the call quality and network reception is also good nothing to complain about here.
 To conclude this is one solid package with hardly any weaknesses you get the smoothest screen powerful performance very capable cameras and solid battery life but this phone is not for everyone those who want a cleaner Android experience or those who don’t like having big bulky phones or those who want an AMOLED display should look for something else, something like these phones still as of now. This is one of the best phones to get around the 18 to 20 thousand price range alright that’s the end for POCO X2.

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